Mistakes in Sales

“Your fascinating sale and your unique strategy begin with a smile!”

We are all sellers! We sell several times a day and not only in shops or online shops. We sell the children the early going to bed, the partner the vacation, the wife the new car. Selling means providing people with solutions to increase their joy of life and quality of life.

The aim of selling is to conjure up a glow in the eyes of our counterpart by first arousing their desire for the product and then satisfying it. Whether this is done in the real shop or online is irrelevant, important is the desire to have and the desire to buy:

If the buyer loses his or her heart to a product and to you, we have already won! The fascination that emanates from such a product and from you makes buyers return – and that is exactly our goal. But how do we do it? Many factors play a role here, but the real and correct sales talk in the stationary trade is decisive for the buying experience of customers. This article deals with the fact that there are some things that can be done here that are not only fascinating but also correct!

You will learn in this article:

  • Why selling is a matter for the boss
  • How emotionally charged buying and selling is
  • Which mistakes you should absolutely avoid in the sale

Selling – the boss as a role model

We entrepreneurs bear a great responsibility – also for the successful sale! It is our task to live the fascination for sales and to pass it on to our employees. We must exemplify sales so that our employees can learn from us.

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you had a fascinating sales talk?
  • When was the last time you inspired your employees?
  • When was the last time you had a fascinating interview?
  • Have you ever had the feeling of seeing a spark jump over you and triggering a fire in people?
  • When was the last time you had goose bumps during a positive sales talk?

Your own ego just has to sparkle with fascination and enthusiasm for your own business and your products and services. How else is the spark supposed to spread to our customers? If you see your company, your customers or your products and services only as an effort, a thing, a necessity, your customer will not lose his heart to the product or to you. So discover the love of selling!

In the same way, your employees will ask themselves why they should get involved if not even the boss herself shows commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm, customer love, fascination and her own voice.

A company is a fascinating organism that is capable of peak performance with the right motor, socially and professionally competent and committed leadership. Do you recognize these behavioural patterns in yourself as well?

It’s all feelings

When selling, one thing is crucial: creating the right mood through your emotions. Without a doubt, salespeople need passion and enthusiasm.

Selling with passion and enthusiasm means first of all that the seller shows a certain emotional entanglement with his task and follows the call for success. This is good in itself, but we need not only the desire and urge of the employee, but also a shared sense of happiness on the part of the customer.

A sale with passionate fascination is not just about the egocentric, numerical sense of achievement. A really good salesperson makes customers decide to buy before they even look at the price tag! How?

By sowing the fascination and enthusiasm already before and the thought of the product mastered all senses of the customer. It is therefore a matter of conquering the heart of the customer, so that he regards the price of the product as secondary or this simply does not matter. You can read more about how to get more emotions into your sales here.

No Gos on sale

So our goal is clear, but there are still some stumbling blocks on our way. You should know them so that you can avoid them quickly. Here are the worst mistakes in sales:

No manners

It sounds banal, but do you greet your customers? If you know the name, use it. Do you look your customer in the eye, are you helpful and say goodbye just as friendly?


Even if you had only one product in your shop, every customer would like an individual, customized consultation. Do you fulfill this requirement or does the same flow of words always bubble up? Whether cars, shoes or spaghetti, family fathers have different needs than pensioners, who in turn have different needs than students. Recognize these needs and give targeted advice! Listen to them and let your customers speak, you will learn information that is worth cash!

Information tsunamis

You are an expert in your field, of course you know everything about your product, but do you have to flush away potential customers with a flood of information? Control the transfer of information in a targeted manner and guide yourself and your customers through each basic information by skillfully asking questions. Respond to the needs of your customers and do not open up new subject areas that you will never conclude.

Want to sell spasmodically

I have already shown above that sales should be a pleasure for both sides. As soon as one side cramps, success moves into the far distance. If you notice that a potential customer is insecure, ask why instead of trying to persuade. Asking questions will solve blockages on both sides.

And even if your customer doesn’t bite immediately, maybe he’ll come back next week just because you listened and understood him. Become human and open your heart. Whether you are on the right track can be seen in your turnover!

No staying power

Even too “soft” a sale is not conducive. It is not necessary to withdraw after the first “Hm, I don’t know” of your customer. Ask for it! Offer the person space to present their personal needs. But you shouldn’t be too “nice” either, because if you – exaggeratedly – give everything away, there will be nothing left of your business in the long run. Always remember, we sell emotions and enthusiasm that ensure our success.

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