How to Create Your Prospect List and Achieve More Online Sales: The Complete Guide

Be sure to read this publication to see how to create a good list of prospects and thus achieve much more sales in your online business. It’s a guide with 10 super important tips for creating a real strategy and succeeding on the Internet!

Guide to Creating a List of Prospects

To say that most new entrepreneurs at the moment of starting an online business are often clear that it is of utmost importance to create a true list of prospects, of people who are looking for the solutions they can offer. Providing satisfactory solutions is the best way to get and retain a customer!

The reality is that many entrepreneurs are quickly frustrated by not getting good results with the strategies they implement to attract traffic and achieve conversion. Building your list of prospects that you can turn into customers is what will lead you to success. A good list has great medium and long-term benefits for you.

Strategies for Creating a Good List of Prospective Customers Online and Succeeding

Do you want to develop a good strategy to attract recurring traffic and get many customers? Implementing a motivational sequence can be very helpful, but here are some things you can do to expand your list of prospects:

A)- Impress with quality

If it is true that you know about business, that at least you are a true professional, this must be reflected in the quality of the content posted on your website. From product reviews, the creation of your sales letter, and everything you post on your pages is important to impress through quality.

B)- Make good recommendations

Good recommendations are important for your audience to truly come to trust you. Never recommend a product or service that you would not use or that you have not tested before and determined its effectiveness. With this point and the previous one, you will be working on the most important and next point (be reliable).

C)- Be reliable

A lot of people are selling on the Internet, but not everyone gets to be trustworthy. Through good recommendations and the seriousness with which you deal with your potential customers is that you can really make them trust you, and with the time they buy from you and not the competition.

The goal of working on the 3 points already mentioned is to get people interested in being part of your list and thus have a better chance of making sales.

Steps for Getting Customers Through a List of Prospects

Today I’ll show you 10 easy steps to help you design an effective landing page that will receive traffic at all times:

1- First you must be clear about what you want to achieve with the list you are going to build.

2- What free offer or resource are you going to use to get people to subscribe to your list?

3- Do not reinvent anything, see what others are doing to get the results you are looking for, study the design of your landing page looking for improvement options. Now yes, create and edit your landing page or sales letter.

4- Configure your autoresponder form on your capture page.

5- Create a page that explains the confirmation process in your email.

6- Create a thank you page with instructions for downloading your gift or offer.

7- Write the first follow-up message to send to her email and a series of at least 7 messages in your auto-reply. The first message may be a short “Thank you for subscribing to…” or “this is the first part of your mini-course…”.

If a free report is offered, provide the download page for the report in the first message.

8- For a good return on your list, make sure that from the first email in your series of messages, you include a call to action and links to your affiliate offers or sales letters for your own products.

9- Once you have everything set up on your page to drive traffic to your website, here are some ways to do this: write some articles in the Article Directories such as with links to your landing page in the resource box that contains your data.

Participate in forums related to the topic of your proposal and place your link at the end of your response or contribution.

10- Review the statistics to measure the conversion in your autoresponder. Once you are satisfied with the conversion rate (25-50% is an acceptable conversion rate).

It also confirms if the product has a profitable demand with your target prospects and if your offer is the right one, if you start to generate constant sales, then it’s time to focus on sending more traffic to your site by all the means at your disposal.

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