Maytag: a brand with history

Maytag. More than 100 years ago, this name represents something that is as important today as it ever was: reliability. In fact, we never stray from the goal of building better equipment that delivers exceptional reliability, day in and day out.

In addition, we always take the task of ensuring that every single part, whether it’s a door, a drum or a drive shaft, is fit for the job very seriously. As the preferred laundry brand*, it’s clear that people recognize and value our continued dedication.

Our origins go back more than a century to the Maytag appliance company that launched the Maytag® Commercial Laundry brand in 1956. Since then, we have innovated more than once in the industry, including the only coin-operated equipment with a five-year warranty on all parts, while continually expanding our product line.

1850 – 1899 The Beginnings

Federick Louis Maytag and George W. Parsons founded the Parsons Brand Cutter and Selg-Feeder company, where quality was paramount and the first home appliances known as Maytags were produced.

1900-1949 Maytag Company

At Maytag Parsons they created the first washing machine in history with the aim of building durable quality appliances with long-lasting materials. Maytag Company was born, a company specialized in the manufacture of washing machines.

Among its main launches were: ” Hired Girl Washing Machine: with the ability to run on electric power from any agricultural appliance. “Multi-engine Washing Machine: that worked with gasoline as a source of energy.

“Gyrafoam Washing Machine: with a new agitator that notably improved the degree of cleanliness achieved by its predecessors by forcing water through the clothes. “Master washer: with a porcelain tub, whose design offered 50% more capacity than previous models, improved rollers and lint trap. “AMP Washing Machine: first model of automatic washing machine

1900-2000 Innovation

During these years Maytag developed important innovations, such as: “Special washing cycle for delicate garments. “Cold washing ” Rinsing cycle ” Wool washing cycle ” Extra fast washing cycle In addition, Maytag opened more than 4,200 commercial laundries with its coin-operated washers and dryers.

Among the main Maytag products introduced to the market during these years: ” First electric clothes dryer ” Saver Washer for those consumers concerned about saving water “Porta Pair, a pair of washers and dryers designed to be used in small spaces and to be moved from one room to another. “Dishwasher ” Refrigerators ” Stoves ” Washing centers with keypad controls.

2000-Today Expansion and Growth

Maytag expands its operations in Mexico and Latin America with the opening of its third plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, in addition to the existing one in Juarez, Chihuahua. Maytag continues to advance day by day with the most innovative products, with the launch of more competitive lines and brands that confirm it as the most reliable white line brand.

We now offer a full range of easy-to-use commercial washers and dryers for coin-operated, multi-family, home and industrial laundry. Considering the need to save utility costs and natural resources, energy efficiency solutions are present throughout the range.

Moreover, we are positioned to be industry pioneers thanks to our advanced commercial laundry lab. Constant testing helps us raise the standard for powerful cleaning, efficient operation and, of course, the performance of every part inside our renownedly reliable machines.

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